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 Powder Pack for Catwa DECEMBER Edition reservations are NOW OPEN!

You can reserve in-world or on the marketplace between the 1st and the 16th midnight SLT. Your Pack will automatically be delivered to you immediately on DECEMBER 17TH early SLT time. 

Order in-world: online: information:

Powder Pack will be featuring the following brands this month:

#adoredAVI GLAMAIIALASKA METROamara beautyARISEARTEEssencesJustMagnetizedModishNOXThe Face

More Freebies!

Morning Lovelies.

Two items on my agenda today. 

I Changed the look of the blog, obviously. What do you think? Yes no? Anything missing? Please let me know as I am doing this for you ♥More Freebies! Yes, another freebie post because around this time of year I can get back to my roots!* Remember, all teleports are linked into the item info below the photos.*
Happy Hunting, Shopping! 🌺 Ember 🌺

Hair - Lamb. | Lovesong | FreeFat pack,Group Gift.Head - CATWA HEAD | Bento Mesh Head, Lona.Skin Applier - .::WoW Skins::. | 2016 Mely Bronze Catwa applier | Advent calendar Gift 1st day.Eye Applier - LOTUS. | Christmas Gift Eyes | Included - Catwa Applier & Mesh eyes| Group Gift@ The Chapter Four Dec 4 - Jan 1st. 10L join fee. Lip Applier - [Avenge] | Xmas Lipstick | Included are - Catwa & Omega appliers | Group Gift@ The Chapter Four Dec 4 - Jan 1st. 10L join fee. Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body Lara.Shape - Zombie Suicide | Alice Bento Shape | For Catwa Lona | @ Suicide Dollz Dec 3 - 15th.Outf…

Secondlife Events Freebie Post

Hello old friend! Welcome back.
Today I have a Holiday Freebie post!!!

I will try to keep things short and sweetFAILED!
So you can run off to gather up all those sweet gifts

Today  I am showing off some Gifts I gathered from Events. 

FaMESHed has Free Gifts under a central tree. Group needed to click on them, don't worry, it's free to join. Paste this Group URI into your SL Viewer to join -  secondlife:///app/group/8ae32885-b174-3f8e-4a70-5df905f8f93a/about. 

Chapter FourAlso has lots of Gifts. All of them are in or by the creators booths so make sure you go around the whole place. You do need to join their group to get them and this one will cost 10L. Paste this Group URI into your SL Viewer to join -secondlife:///app/group/67261be5-ff9e-db6c-315b-9f6839c86329/about
The Arcade has a big tree in the center as well. No group needed. Just click away, all are Free!
I love Free Giftsbut when the designers go the extra mile to offer a great quality sample of what they are as a brand, wel…

Tied to a past I can barely recall.

Hello Beautiful, welcome back!

Today I am circling back to my SL roots and showing off some pretty & sexy bondage - ish type clothing & hair!

When I joined Second life I spent almost 3 solid years in a sim called Bondage Playground. I had the best times and met the best people. 
I find myself pining for those days. 
This s a tribute of sorts.
This is for all the good memories, Thank you Spiritpony, Optimystic, servher, Mina, Ceri, Nika, Bree, Keiser, The list goes on and on and on. 
Oh and Forceme, I choose to hold onto the good & we had loads of laughs together!

If you're sensitive, maybe come back for the next post. But come back OK, cause I love you!♥

⇣  ⇣  ⇣ ⇣ ⇣ ⇣ ⇣ ⇣

 Hope you enjoy.


Hair - MINA Hair | Eden | @ The Kinky Event Nov 28 - Dec 19th.Head - Catwa Head | Bento Mesh Head, Lona.Skin -Essences |Isela, #Pale01 | Available for Catwa. Body Appliers included for - Belleza, Maitreya / Omega / TMP | In Catwa Powder Pack August Edition.Lipstick - #Adored | Holiday…

Catwa Head Challenge!

Hi guys!
Back again with my new Lilly head.  

Today I decided to really show you just how versatile Catwa Heads can be & also to issue my readers a challenge!

In my first photo, I have taken a shot of Catwa's Bento Mesh Head Lilly straight out of the box. OK, well I added hair,cause hair!  I have done nothing to alter this photo other than crop it smaller so you can see how she looks straight off the showroom floor.

The second photo is the from the last blog post I did with Lilly, using Pumec skin & The shape included with my new head, edited to suit the skin.

The last photo shows off my latest change. I have used Lilly with a DeeTaleZskin & shape that I also edited to fit Lilly
I think they all look beautiful but different don't you?

• I made this post for those who believe they naysayers who say all mesh heads look alike. They really don't If you take a little bit of time to find what works for you.

Also I would like to issue my first Powder Pack Catwa Challenge!


Like a flower, she blooms.

Hello Dear readers.

I am posting this really quick for you just in case you did not hear the news.
🌟 Catwa has released a NEW Bento Mesh Head for 50% off until 2pm SLT TODAY!🌟
Lilly is lovely and is so versatile depending on how you tweak the shape, brows, use different skins. I LOVE HER! 

I've only had a small amount of time to play around with her but the photo below is what I came up with in that time. 
She reminds me of the RL me but without the wrinkles LOL
I ♥ that!
Go, shop, be merry! All details, links info below the photo in the credits.  Just click the names to get to the Second Life Map! 🌺Ember🌺

Hair - pr!tty| Girim - :Short: - [Bang A] | @ Chapter Four Nov 4 - Dec 1st.Head - Catwa Head | Bento Mesh Lilly | 50% offuntil 2pm SLT Today only! November 29th 2017.Skin Applier - .:[PUMEC] :.| .:Maya:. | December tone | Available for - Catwa + Body appliers for -  Maitreya / Slink / Belleza / Omega Push up option included| | In Catwa Powder Pack November Edition.Brows - NOX. | Sie…

Sugary Sweet Freebie Post!

It's time for a great big freebie post my friends!

Hairology Is celebrating their second anniversary with free gifts. Just click on the cakes at the booths for some awesome free hair. But hurry, this round ends on the 30th of November!

The Candy Fair is celebrating their fifth year and to help celebrate there are free gifts here too! Loads of really nice free gifts. Just look for cakes here as well! This Fair runs until December 1st.Happy Hunting! 🌺Ember🌺

Hair - [KoKoLoReS] | Kiana | Free Gift @ Hairology | Nov 10 - 30th.Bow - *Epic* | Bowie Donut Ears! {Lemon} |Free Gift @ The Candy Fair Nov 17 -  Dec 1st.Head - CATWA HEAD | Bento Mesh, Lona.Skin Applier - amara beauty | Angie (Catwa HUD) | In Powder Pack Catwa / November Edition. | Also included - Omega Body Appliers.Eye Applier - LOTUS. | Moonlight Eyes | Available for - Catwa / Mesh Eyes with resizer. | @ Toddleedoo Winter Fair Nov 27 - Dec 11th | 50% of the profit is donated to theFeed A Smile Fund.Lip Applier - [POUT!] | Sugar…